Saturday, November 7, 2020

Top 5 reasons to choose Cloud Run


Clouds — Photo by SKi

What’s Cloud Run?

One liner version:

Cloud Run is a serverless compute platform on the Google Cloud Platform that enables you to run stateless containers invocable via HTTP requests.

Two words version:

Serverless containers

Top Five Reasons:

1. Any language, any library, any binary

Test your Docker container locally with any language along with any dependancies.

2. Container to production in seconds

Deploy your container to production with single click.

[![Run on Google Cloud](]([YOUR_HTTP_GIT_URL])

This creates a button like the following:

Runs on Google — one click deploy button
Single Click Deploy

3. Pay‐per‐use

First 2 million requests are part of the always-free Tier every month.

4. Fully Managed

No infrastructure to manage: once deployed, Cloud Run manages your services so you can sleep well.

5. Portable

Built on Knative. That means you can run it anywhere Kubernetes runs even on-prem, never worry about vendor lock-in.

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